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H Frame Layer Chicken Cage System and Poultry Fram/House Solutions

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Henan Winworld Livestock Machinery Co.,ltd
Henan, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: poultry cage
Model No.: WHA009 Brand: Winworld Place of Origin: China
Packing: International Stan... Surface Treament: galvanized Lifespan: 15-20 years
Steel Wire Materi...: Q235 Area of Per Chick...: 446 Features: Corrosion-Resistan...
Other: Installation and O... Usage for: Chicken, Poultry, ... Certificates: ISO, Soncap
Feed Trough Lengt...: 50mm Automatic: Full Automatic Service: one-site service
Origin: China HS Code: 84362900 Specification: 3 Tiers, 4 Tiers, ...
Heating and Ventil...: Fan, Air Inlet, C... Production Capacit...: 10000 Sets/Month Type: poultry equipment
Usage: chicken

H Frame Layer Chicken Cage System and Poultry Fram/House Solutions 

The H frame layer cage system construction and the sections of cages are produced of galvanized sheet and hot dipped galvanized wires bearing ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. The material is high standards. It is becoming the most popular and good choices to the poultry farms all over the world.

The Main Construction Of The Cage System

Availability  to adjust the required level of feeds thanks to the feeding system consisting of feed cart(trolley hopper) and dispenser apparatus that are automatic and made of galvanized sheet and dyed sheet. All feeding system are connected with the feed silo(with feed elevator and silo weighing system) and operated automatic

The cage system is designed to be strong against earth movements. Main construction of the cage system consists of the legs, which are located in every 84 cm lengthwise, and the wide based connection units with adjustable bolts.


3 4 5 6 7 8
Height(mm) 2200 2850 3500 4800 5450 6100
Width(mm) 1250 1250 1250 1250 1250 1250


Watering system is consisting of PVC material square shape pipe, nipple drinkers, which is made of plastic and stainless steel in red color, in each section and the bottom plastic drop catcher in V shape. and all nipple drinkers will be fitted with the square pipes already and packed by carton and plastic bags outside for protection before shipment.

There are 2-3 nipple drinkers for each two cage sections on the PVC pipes which are located between two cage sections lengthwise the cage row. The "V" shape leakage gutter underneath the water pipes, holds the water drops and prevent the drops to
reach the manure belt, therefore drier manure is obtained.

   A water regulator is located on each tier and each row of the cage. It supplies the water from the water line to the pipes, through reservoirs with the proper pressure. The filters and the medicator (DOSATRON of France) are
used to clean the water and keep health of all chickens.


It is the feeding system with feed carts. The feed adjustment apparatus which is designed specially, feed is distributed hygienically, homogeneous, mixed and equally.

   In this system, feed is distributed automatically to the feed carts from the feed silos by the spiral augers located in a pipe with 90-150 mm diameter. The Augers materials made in South Africa and it has the best quality worldwide.

   Feed carts are moved by steel cables and 0, 75-1.50 HP (according to the chicken house length and hopper) electric gear motors over the rails that are located on the top of the cages.

   Feed troughs are specially designed in order to distribute the feed in equal quantity to reach tier and prevent the feeds to be scattered outside the feed trough. Thus, waste of feed is in minimum level and fresh is presented to layers. Also that system avoid to select the feed when the layers feeding.


Automatic egg collection unit made of galvanized sheet and apparatus produced by our advanced own production machines. The egg bands and lift engine powers are 0.75 -1.50 HP.

 As system can be turned 90 + 90 degree with bends, egg cracking is prevented without any transmission and system can be adapted easily for egg collection and grading machines. The automatic egg collection conveyor shall be delivered to the egg collection center to be constructed by the purchaser. Such egg collection center is estimated to take part at a distance of 8-10 meter from the last building at most.

The egg bands made of import cloth and the joint components made of plastic sheets. The egg belts, which are located lengthwise the cage row, towed by the egg collection heads.
These jute egg belts and the egg- holding wire meshes are designed in order to prevent the eggs crash.
They are anti-static and not hold dust, and there is one egg brush in each end of the cage.
Therefore, eggs are clean and they are suitable for food safety.

The manure belt is made of white PP product which made in Italy, the best quality we can get all over the world now.

The belt system is consisting of front cap rollers stretching and internal scrapping off apparatus as well as the rear scrapping off rollers, pressing balls, external scrapping off apparatus, conveyor drive systems and the electrical reducer engines.

Manure is cleaned and discharged by the Polypropylene (PP) manure belts of 1.10 mm thickness. These PP belts are located underneath every tier and row of the cages and towed by drive reducer engines to clean the manure in a flawless way.
Rollers and the scrapers located on each tier and row spills the manure to the discharging manure conveyor at the end of the hen-house and the manure is removed from the hen-house by this discharging manure conveyor.

Vertical manure conveyor: The rubber band in thickness of 6 mm including the cord cloth running on galvanized pipes at galvanized construction and the front rear rollers, reducer engine.

The motor for the manure conveyor is covered by the galvanized steel sheets in case of the strong sunshine, rainy, water etc. And the power can be changed as different conveyor length.

Horizontal manure conveyor : The rubber band in thickness of 6 mm including the cord cloth running on galvanized pipes at galvanized construction and the front rear rollers, reducer engine.


Some Installation Projects of Ours

Our factory & workshop



Q1:How many types of layer chicken cage?
A1: We have two types,A type and H type .
A type have two models,3tiers and 4 tiers.
H type have 6 models including 3 tiers,4 tiers,5tiers,6tiers,8 tiers. 
Q2:How much per set cage?
A2:Different model,price is different.In addition,there are other complement equipments.
Need know how many birds you want to rear,then we can give you a specific price list
with house size.
Q3:How long is the warrenty?
A3:1 year.
Q4:Who is in charge of install ?
A4:Our company will send two engineers to your country to guide installation
and provide training.

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