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Chile Poultry Layer Farm Good Price 3 Tiers A Type Battery Chicken Cage System & Pullet Cage

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Henan Winworld Livestock Machinery Co.,ltd
Henan, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: poultry cage
Model No.: WH-P002 Brand: Winworld Place of Origin: China
Packing: International Stan... Area of Per Chick...: 361 Lifespan: 15-20 years
Steel Wire Materi...: Q235 Surface Treament: galvanized Usage for: Chicken, Poultry, ...
Features: Corrosion-Resistan... Tier: 3-4 Tiers Other: Installation and O...

Chile Poultry Layer Farm Good Price 3 Tiers A Type Battery Chicken Cage System & Pullet Cage
It is designed for pullets which bird age(rearing period) is from day to day 120 old.this system also can be equipped with automatic feeding,drinking,manure removal and climate control is more popular using in tropic country because it is just working well in open house without climate control system.if it used in close of temperate area,the ventilation and heating system are vital to the pullets.

1. Each unit dimension of the pullet cage is 1950*500*(350--400)mm,3 cells per unit,with 9-10 birds per cell,each cell dimension is 650*500*(350-400)mm,so each birds can get 390--433 at least within 17 weeks;
2.R aising density per unit area can increase 50% - 100% compared with flooring system and the possibilities of infection diseases caused by manure decrease,therefore,death rate is minimized because invariable birds in each cell of cages,and then it is also convenient for observing growth condition of birds,grouping and selection.

1.It is made up by the square pipes(thickness 2.5mm) or round pipes(thickness 2.0mm) with 360 degree flowing nipple drinkers,water drip cups and water pressure regulators,terminals,splits,water filters makes sure the water is clean;
2.The drinking system can be automatic nipple drinking line and manual feeders and drinkers for first two weeks while the pullets are too small to get water nipple drinkers;
3.The pipes can be adjusted in higher level as pullets growing bigger day by day because the grid meshes has empty design in the middle place to adjust the pipes going up to higher level.

1.Both of the traveling hopper(feeding carts) type and chain feeding system are available.
2.The augers and chain materials made in South Africa,also the best quality worldwide.
3.The feeding cart connected with the silo by the transverse feeding auger is more popular here.In this system, feed is distributed automatically to the feed carts from the feed silos by the spiral augers located in a pipe with 90-150 mm diameter.

1.T he 1--3 tier of cages can be fitted with manure curtain on the back of the cage meshes in case of the dropping manure from upper tiers.
2.Manure belt system or manure scraper in the manure pits to collect the chicken manure outside of house;the A frame pullet cage system also can be equipped with the manure belts system under the cages which can work together with the manure conveyors.

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